Mehta and Associates was established in 2013 and is a member of the Tanzania National Board of Accountants and Auditors. The firm is registered in Tanzania under the Auditors and Accountant (Registration) Act, 1972 (as amended in 1995) with registration number PF 271.

We are a professional services firm providing accounting, audit, tax, company secretarial services and recruitment and human resources advisory services to public and private clients. We are bound by our mission and values to provide you a world-class service beyond your expectations.


RM FINANCIAL CONSULTING LIMITED is a Financial Consultancy company which would encompass all commercial and legal requirements of business and act in an advisory and executive capacity to the community at large.

RM was registered in 19 December 2011 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania under the Companies Act, 2002. The company was established with a view to provide business solutions to a wide spectrum of clients both in the private and public sectors.


We are a private company founded in June 2012. It became operational in the early 2013. We have clients all over East Africa and our clientele-base is growing day-by day.

We are the company that helps clients boost their businesses by creating exceptional digital technology.

Our team is an exceptional one with very talented developers who work to bring your ideas into reality; taking in your requirements & engineering ground breaking solutions. Visit Our Website.

Core Areas: Consulting, Design, Development, Marketing, Networking, Hosting

MEHTA & ASSOCIATES in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania is very pleased to announce it’s joining of the Integra International network of independent Accounting and Consulting firms dedicated to exchanging information and advising growing businesses and professionals.

MEHTA & ASSOCIATES provides a wide range of services including Audit and Risk Management, Tax Services, Accounting and Legal Services, Business Advisory, Administrative or Company Secretarial Services, Recruitment and Human Resource Advisory. And joining a professional association like Integra can be a great way to do it.


About Integra International

Integra International is an interactive association of CPAs, CAs and Business Advisors that share knowledge openly and regularly. Member firm’s offer expanded professional services to their clients, including meeting their national and international needs.

All member firms are local firms, owned by successful partners who understand the unique culture of the business. As independent, owner-managers, the member firms are committed to the highest professional standards, a full understanding of client needs and strategy and adding value to clients through innovative solutions

Each firm has partners experienced in advising clients engaged in international business as well as local. Importance is placed on bridging cultural and linguistic differences between negotiating parties — a vital catalyst for a successful transaction.

In joining the Integra International, MEHTA & ASSOCIATES hopes to keep track on policies existing in different countries and different areas of businesses to keep abreast with the latest in the financial and advisory world.

MEHTA & ASSOCIATES rebrands as Member firm of INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL with immediate effect. It will reflect the Integra International culture and quality in all the work that it undertakes geared toward being globally compliant in the highest professional standards of rendering services to its most valued clients.


Membership Statistics

According to Accountancy Age, Integra International now ranks number 16 among the many accounting associations in the world1. We continue to pursue our goal of having a member firm in each major city in the world.


1 measured in gross fees billed

Why choose us

Our work ethic is governed by our principle of ethics at work place, we value our clients and make sure that we help their business grow, we will make sure that your accounts are always up to date and legal.

  • Attention to Every Detail
  • High Quality Service
  • Highly Experienced Team
  • Professional Business Advice
  • Vast Business Specialities

Our experience

Audit - 10 years
Tax - 10 years
Accounting - 10 years
Administrative Services - 5 years
Recruitment & HR - 5 years



Kalpesh Mehta

Founder, Managing Partner

E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: krmehta4
Facebook: kalpeshmehta

Has been a partner with MA since January 2013. He completed his Certified Public Accountancy (CPA) exams in 2007, winning a number of exam awards in the process.

He provides both audit and taxation services to a number of local and multi-national clients.

He has experience in multiple discipline industries including manufacturing, trading, service industry, advertisement, infrastructure, construction, aviation, transportation, hotel and hospitality, mining, shipping industry.

Has a wide experience in the private and public sector audits and consultancy.

Values Statement

To achieve our mission, everyone at Mehta and Associates shares the same values:

Quality of Service

We strive to provide our clients with highest quality that consistently exceed their expectations.

Our air is to be your trusted adviser and to provide you with insightful advice to enable you to make an informed financial decision.


We focus on continuous learning and growing to ensure we are up-to date with the current issues which have an impact on our clients.

We are your knowledgeable resource and we bring you the benefit of our expertise and insight.


We keep our word and are accountable to our clients and we ensure to keep our commitments. We aspire to conduct our business with the highest standard of professionalism and compliance to the National Board of Accountants and Auditors

We are deeply committed to honouring your confidence in our firm and our people.


  • We find that Mehta & Associates are very efficient and provide us a very good quality service. They are very prompt and organized which keeps us very happy.We would very much recommend their services to our clients.

    M. Nahdi
  • I have worked with Mehta & Associates for many years and have found them to be extremely helpful in all aspects of my business and personal financial requirements. In addition they are extremely well informed and helpful, which is why I would not hesitate to recommend their services.


We are proud to work with

The Peoples Bank of Zanzibar
Smart Brands Limited
EHS Company Limited
Marine Park Lodge Limited
Frank International Middle East BVI Limited
Deauto Group Tanzania Limited
WiA Company Limited
AK Transport Company Limited