• Online Application Form
  • Aptitude Assessment Tests
  • Interview

Online Application Form

Remember: First impression lasts forever!

The online application allows the firm to know about an individual at first glance in terms of Identification, Education level and ability to express yourself in brief. This will require an individual to have the following in place as you complete the application:

  • Complete Identification (from a reliable source such as NIDA card)
  • Full and accurate details of your university courses and exam results
  • Secondary education exam results and other certifications awarded that would stir up your job application
  • Details of any previous work experience and employment you’ve had (with references)
  • Your preference for the line of service you would like to work (refer to Job offering)

  • On completion of the application form, remember the following:

  • Read and re-read the instructions carefully.
  • Proof read everything you write.
  • Check your grammar and spelling.
  • Provide authentic achievements – these will be checked later in the process.

  • NB: Better communication skills will be considered as an added advantage **

    Aptitude Assessment Tests

    Mehta & Associates aptitude tests is a physical test that will be carried out at our offices, intending to have contact with an applicant and determine ability to reason through numerical and verbal tests. This test shall be available to successful applicants who have been shortlisted.

    Consider the following as you come for the aptitude;

  • Time management and accuracy as the test will be timed.
  • The dress code should be descent, comfortable and official as first impression matters.
  • Carry with you all the necessary equipment for the tests such as pen, pencil, ruler.
  • Remember to carry your certificates with you as you come for aptitude.
  • Interview

    The day of the interview

    It's extremely important that you're not late, so aim to get there at your earliest. If you're delayed contact us. You may want to bring a copy of your interview invitation form, along with directions on how to get there. Allowing plenty of time to get to the interview will reduce the chance of you getting stressed before the interview. When you arrive, take a few minutes to relax and prepare yourself for the interview ahead.

    Inside the interview room:

  • Smile and be positive.
  • Exude Confidence (loud voice, firm handshake)
  • Engage in eye contact with your interviewer.
  • Sit up straight.
  • Try to relax and breathe normally.
  • Please turn off your mobile phone.